Zachary Easterly, A Chemical Engineer Fired After Drunk And Racist Comments on Plane

Homophobic Chemical Engineer, Zachary Easterly, Fired from his job After Going Crazy Over Viral Plane, Confesses He’s Racist.


Comments of Zachary Easterly, A chemical engineer on a plane

We have heard that the name of the dismissed GSK worker in the tape which got viral on social media is Zachary Easterly.

In one of the stupidest films, we’ve seen a man freaked out when somebody kicks him off an aircraft.

A chemical engineer got fired from his job after conveying where he operates for the entire flight.

Zachary Easterly
Zachary Easterly

The happening, which occurred Tuesday night on a flight scheduled from Philly to Dallas, pertained to a man observed on video assaulting passengers and aviation assistants.

Zachary Easterly shockingly and perhaps sarcastically shouts that he’s racist because he’s a white man with a black bag, which he explains is “a better bag than largest of you can afford.”


But that was not sufficient, he confessed he was a little drunk.

Then things take a twist, a plot twist, the man begins throwing up homophobic taunts … yelling at everyone on the flight “liberal shit.”

Yet, before evacuating the aircraft, the man let everyone learn that he is a chemical engineer at the medicine and biotechnology company GlaxoSmithKline.

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Company GSK took this seriously

We called GSK and they notified us “We soon interrogated and as of Thursday, we are suspending him by GSK.

This individual’s allegations were objectionable and do not consider the sophistication of our company.”

GSK puts up with this a step further by telling:

” Our company embraces and praises the variety, holdings, and inclusion.


We determine protocols, principles, and methods to maintain an atmosphere that forbids discriminating behavior.

and furnishes equal opportunities for all people.”

As for what resulted in the madness, someone on social media alleged that the now discontinued chemical engineer was torturing a woman sitting next to him.

We don’t know his name yet. Maybe it’s time to update your LinkedIn profile, friend.


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