Andrew Grady, A NASCAR Driver Punching Rival Driver Davey Callihan Video Goes Viral

Recently, Andrew Grady was seen punching his fellow contender Davey Callihan in a video. This happened during the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville on Saturday. Grady was continuously punching Callihan through the window of his car in the middle of the track.


Why did Andrew Grady punch?

As per Andrew Grady’ interview to the media, he was supposed dive-bombed by Callihan. Due to this, they came into contact with each other. Hence, according to him he simply wanted to have a word with the other driver but mentioned that he was flipped off.

Apparently, the two famous drivers were involved in an accident during Heat 1 of the race. Andrew Grady supposedly walked over to Callihan’s car and without wasting any time started punching him continuously. After that, Andrew Grady even kicked his car.

When asked about this ridiculous incident, Callihan, according to Grady, flipped Grady off when the later went to discuss what just happened. This made Grady extremely angry and he decided to “Mike Tyson his head”.

Andrew Grady also said that “there are dumbasses who have no business driving a Lawn Mover much less a late model at Martinsville”. Grady then went on to say that Callihan wrecked him and Brandon Pierce.

In an interview with Racing America’s Matt Weaver, he said that he felt he and another competitor had been wrecked intentionally by Callihan. Meanwhile, Callihan was in position to transfer into the race itself after the crash.

Callihan’s thoughts

When the reporters asked Callihan about what really happend, he said, “It was for a transfer position at Martinsville. From my perspective, I was there. It was close”. Callihan also said that he didn’t flip him off and that is willing to have a conversation about it any day.

He further added, “You can’t give an inch for the transfer spot when there’s 95 cars and I had to take it.” He finished his answer by saying, “we were fighting for our lives out there”.


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The public outrage

The fans of both the drivers didn’t take it well and they took to their respective social media handles to express their disappointment. One fan said, “Suspend the guy for a year. Unacceptable. If you want to fight, be a man and let the other guy of his car and restraints first. What this guy did is a joke”, in defence of Callihan.

A well known personality, Daniel Newman, made comment about this incident by posting a video of the same on Twitter. He added, “Although WILL SMITH is BANNED from the OSCARS… Andrew Grady is Still allowed to Come… And he’s fine at NASCAR events too. No worries… Nothin Racist,… Just another White coincidence… Nothin’ odd, happens every day.”

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