Craig Reynolds’ Brother Eric Reynolds’ Story: How He Ended up in Jail

Craig Reynolds’s brother Eric Reynolds had a very bright future, but some incidents in his life ended his career into a nightmare. He wanted to be selected in the NFL draft and had the aspirations of becoming a footballer, but some incidents led to a greater demise. Let us explore this article so to get some insights.


Who is Eric Reynolds?

Eric Reynolds is Craig Reynold‘s older brother. Eric Reynolds wanted to be a footballer and also wanted to join the NFL draft. On the football squad of the Central Bucks South High School, he was also a previous standout.

Named as The Inquirer’s Southeastern Pennsylvania player of the year. Eric Reynolds accumulated 3,108 yards of offence and 38 touchdowns over the course of 12 games. He could thus sprint a 40-yard dash in 4.40 seconds, return kickoffs and catch passes out of the backfield.

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Eric Reynolds, Family and Education details

Eric Reynolds’s family lived in Pennsylvania, where Eric and his brother Craig with also their siblings spend the rest of their childhood there.

Well, the information for the Eric Reynolds family is not available, but as Craig stated in a recent interview their father always supported them and was always around these practices, therefore it looks like their father was quite supportive of their athletic abilities in their lives.

Eric committed to Boston College for his senior year, with greater big plans for his future career and also big plans of wanting to play in the NFL.

And a month after completing high school, Eric Reynolds changed his preference from Boston College to Temple. He wanted to attend a nearby college while also pursuing his NFL aspirations.

But in 2008, the year changed his whole professional life, when his career started getting fade.

Craig Reynolds
Craig Reynolds

What happened to Craig Reynold’s brother Eric Reynold?


Eric is the brother of the popular footballer, Craig Reynolds, but since Eric had the aspirations of developing his career into a professional football player, all of his life went through hell, when he started getting addicted to drugs.

As Craig stated in his recent interview that his brother Eric became addicted to drugs which made him off-track and his vision of developing his career into a footballer lost.

How Eric Reynolds Ended up in Jail?

Becoming a drug addict made Eric lose his way. In August 2008, allegations of his harassment came into the known. In 2010 also he robbed two women in front of an Upper Moreland Walmart.

Also been previously behind bars for car-jacking a 65-year-old man in Warminster prior to his arrest in October 2015.


Eric is still in prison, and in 2016 also given a sentence of five to fifteen years. Therefore rest of his time in jail kind of provided a motivational thrill for his brother Craig Reynold.

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