Flyers Team Coach John Tortorella’ Face Injury Explained

John Tortorella has faced an injury to his face and fans are thus very much worried and thus wanted to know the reason behind the injury. Let us look at this article to get some greater details.


Who is John Tortorella?

John Tortorella is an American professional ice hockey coach. He has also been a former ice hockey player.

He currently serves as the head coach of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League, but previously he served as the head coach of the National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Rangers, and Tampa Bay Lightning.

Not with that, he has majorly received numerous accolades within the ice hockey industry. He led the Tampa Bay Lightning to the 2004 Stanley Cup Championship.

He is also the first American National Hockey League coach to reach 500 wins and has also won the Jack Adams Award as the NHL’s top coach.

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What happened to John Tortorella’s face?

John Tortorella loves animals, but that love instantly turned into danger when he faced a horse-kicking incident.

He loves animals due to which he also has a farm in South Jersey that gives him a lot of satisfaction.

But one of his horses accidentally hit John Tortorella’s face, which was also evident on the Philadelphia Flyers-Columbus Blue Jackets broadcast Tuesday on ESPN+, the camera thus zoomed in on his left cheek which was filled with a painful red bruise with also a bruised lip.

Therefore John Tortorella while stating about his injured face stated “It was a horse-kicking incident,”, therefore he also stated that he was lucky, “though it could have been a lot worse.”

Moreover, John Tortorella and his wife also run a family foundation called the John and Christine family Foundation for Giving Back, the foundation’s mission is to improve the lives of children and animals and protect the environment.

John Tortorella’s skin cancer growth removed from forehead

Recently the head coach John Tortorella had a minor procedure to remove basal cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer that developed on his forehead.

John stated earlier that the condition is not serious and was also delaying the procedure for some time.

However, now John has completed his minor procedure to remove the basal cell carcinoma that developed on his head, but he even kept his spirits high as he joked on Wednesday that doctors had cut his head because they had found too much grey hair.

Therefore he also stated, “I can give you guys some if you want.” which can be proved that he is completely fine and healthy after the procedure.


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