Hannah Goldy OnlyFans: She Says Many Former and Current UFC Fighters Have OnlyFans Page

UFC star Hannah Goldy might have experienced an overwhelming loss to ‘Meatball’ Molly McCann. However, Hannah Goldy actually runs a sizzling OnlyFans page. On July 23, the 30-year-old flyweight was hit with one of McCann’s now-famous spinning back elbows at UFC London. It disoriented her. The torrent of blows that followed was enough to result in a TKO defeat.


Who is Hannah Goldy?

Hannah Eliza Goldschmidt is an American female MMA fighter who fights in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s Flyweight category.

She was born on May 18, 1992, and is currently 30 years old, with a height of 5 feet 4 inches.

However, She is giving her plenty of time to establish her OnlyFans business and earn money.

Goldy spent his childhood in Vermont snowboarding, running track, and participating in cross-country skiing.

In 2014, while residing in Manhattan, she attended a boxing event called “Friday Night Fights,” in an ancient church.

She fell in love with martial arts right away and joined a gym the next day. Prior to MMA, she competed in a boxing bout and three Muay Thai fights, all of which she won.

She is married to her boyfriend, Alex Nicholson. And they have a kid, Odin Goldy.

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Hannah Goldy reveals Many Former and Current UFC Fighters Have OnlyFans Page

Like many other MMA fighters in recent years, Goldy uses the internet to share unique content with her fans. During the Pandemic, Goldy created her account on the website to aid with rent. The epidemic threw the American, who was working three jobs, out of a job.

Many former and current UFC fighters have sites on OnlyFans, but according to Goldy, she was one of the first to sign up.

In a recent interview on Lynch’s YouTube channel, Hannah Goldy told :

“A bunch of people is making them now. I remember when I started mine, it was such an internal fight for me, because everyone was like, yuck, OnlyFans?”

Additionally, she also told :

“When I created mine, I didn’t know how I was going to pay my rent the following month. I was working three jobs at the time. I’ve just finished it, and it’s been amazing. It’s allowed me to exercise, care for my family, and achieve my objectives!”

“I like it, too; I think people think it has a negative connotation, but that is not the case!”

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Here is The Link To Explore the Hannah Goldy OnlyFans Page

@hannahgoldy is the OnlyFans Page of Hannah Goldy. But, make sure that you are a subscriber of her before diving into the Hannah Goldy OnlyFans page. The subscription cost is $10 per month.


Know More About OnlyFans Page

OnlyFans is a web content membership administration situated in London, United Kingdom.

Content designers can bring in cash from clients who subscribe to their content. It permits content designers to get subsidizing from their fans consistently as well as one-time tips. They can also get money through the pay-per-view (PPV) feature.

The site has 2,000,000 content designers and 130 million users.

The program is popular among p****graphers. But, it also hosts the work of other content providers, such as fitness gurus and singers.

Although statistical information on the magnitude of the problem is mixed. The website has been chastised for not doing more to prevent child s**ual abuse content from proliferating on the platform.

In August 2021, a movement to probe OnlyFans began in the United States Congress.

Due to pressure from the banks that OnlyFans utilized for customer payments, it was stated on August 19, 2021:

‘That starting in October 2021, OnlyFans will no longer accept s**ually explicit material.’

However, owing to the user and creative criticism, this decision was reversed six days later. 

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