How Did Mino Raiola Die? Football Super Agent Dies Aged 54

Mino Raiola, a prominent and frequently contentious sports agent who represented some of the biggest names in soccer, has passed away. He was 54.


Mino Raiola Death News

In April, both Raiola’s business partner and the physician who was attending to him said that Raiola was “fighting” for his life. He denied his death on social media on April 28, saying, “Second time in 4 months they kill me,” in response to multiple news sites reporting it. Raiola’s family announced in a statement on April 30 that he had passed away at the age of 54.

“Mino touched so many lives through his work and wrote a new chapter in the history of modern football. His presence will forever be missed,” added the announcement of his death.

Who is Mino Raiola?

Pavel Nedvd, Zlatan Ibrahimovi, and Paul Pogba, Carmine “Mino” Raiola (Italian: [karmine mino rajola, – rajla]; 4 November 1967 – 30 April 2022) was a Dutch-Italian football agent.

Mino Raiola Career

Raiola started his career in the Netherlands, where he had lived since migrating there as a child, where he assisted in the transfer of Dutch players to Serie A in Italy. He became a well-known super-agent after opening his own firm and was engaged in several of the most high-profile and costly transfers of the new century. Raiola was a divisive personality who had a reputation among players as an agent who got the best results for his clients, but many owners and managers thought he was unreliable.

Mino Raiola
Mino Raiola (Credit: Getty Images)

Mino Raiola Agency Career

In 2008, as part of a larger investigation into professional football by Italian authorities, he was a party to two disciplinary hearings called by the Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC) for transfer irregularities. Raiola made an estimated €25 million from Paul Pogba’s €105 million transfer to Manchester United in August 2016.

In 2019, Raiola founded “The Football Forum,” an international movement of players and agents to help create a new football system in opposition to FIFA. Raiola was joined by fellow agents Roger Wittmann [de], Jorge Mendes, and Jonathan Barnett. The projected cap on transfer payments prompted Raiola, Mendes, and Barnett, among others, to threaten FIFA with legal action on January 22, 2020.


As one of football’s most prominent agents and a “super-agent,” Raiola became as well-known for his role in profitable trades as his clients.


He was frequently listed as one of the wealthiest and most prominent sports agents, and the Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport referred to him as “the most powerful, the best, the most discussed” following his passing in 2022.

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His Personal life

Raiola and his family were residents of the principality of Monaco. Italian, English, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Dutch were among the seven languages he could speak. He worked as a waiter in his father’s Italian restaurant while at high school and went on to study law for two years at university.

He was Admitted in to Hospital


In January 2022, Raiola was admitted to San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, where he underwent surgery. Staff of Raiola denied reports he was in intensive care, describing them as “routine checks”, and he was discharged ten days later.

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