Is Tiger Woods Dead? Professional Golfer Accident Rumors Debunked

People are getting spam texts claiming Tiger Woods is dead after a crash. These are just baseless rumors he is still alive and healthy.

Over the past months, there has been a significant increase in the rumors of fake death. Most celebrities have become prey to this kind of rumor. Such outrageous allegations have caused a lot of uncertainty. It has even led many people to believe something terrible has occurred to a well-known individual.

This time Tiger Woods, a professional golfer has become the victim of nasty trolls. Rumors are spreading that after a head-on collision, Tiger Woods has passed away.


Is Tiger Woods really dead?

The professional golfer who had a major accident last year was hospitalized. His car was completely wrecked, and Tiger suffered multiple leg injuries. The whole scene was considered an accident. Although following this, many users on Twitter shared a screengrab claiming they erroneously received a message stating the demise of Tiger Woods.

The bogus message claiming the death of Tiger says

, “Tiger Woods, who is well-known, is killed in a head-on collision.”
Surprisingly this isn’t the only false report about the golfer circulating online.

Another text accuses the golfer engage in an accident with a pedestrian and failing the sobriety test. However, none of the preceding statements are anywhere close to the truth.

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The Golfer is Alive in 2022 and Well

Tiger Woods is alive in 2022 and doing well. He has been active on social media after his accident in February 2021. The golfer keeps his followers informed about his initiatives and things related to golf. For people who are not aware, Tiger met with an accident last year and ended up in the hospital.

He went through surgery after suffering multiple leg injuries. In May 2021, post-accident, Woods gave his first interview. There he described the suffering he had to deal with as being a totally new animal.

Due to previous injuries, Tiger remarked, “I understand more of the recovery processes, but this was more agonizing than anything I have ever experienced.” Following his recovery, a revelation in June 2022 stated that Woods would not be competing in the 2022 U.S. Open.


Fake death spam is becoming regular

On various social media forms, the clickbait news regarding the false demise of a celebrity is tragically becoming more and more popular. Several platforms and websites are becoming a hub of sourcing false news without any firm evidence.

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods (Credit: David Cannon/Getty Images)

The readers should be more careful and believe news coming from reputable, vetted sources whose assertions are sufficiently supported by evidence. There are various death hoaxes about celebrities debunked including, MrBeast, Conor McGregor, and also Bruce Willis.


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