Jim Redmond, Father of Derek Redmond Died: The Man Helped Injured Son to Cross Finish Line in The 1992 Olympics

Jim Redmond, a father who led to the making of one of the most inspirational and heartwarming moments in the history of Olympics has left the world. Jim Redmond died at the age of 81.

The sad departure of the man was announced by the British Olympic association.

Let’s relive and know the event that became historic and the father-son duo that won many hearts.


Jim Redmond Helped His Sprinter Son Derek Redmond

Back in the 1992 Olympics, Veteran British Sprinter Derek Redmond was on the run track for his 400-metre semifinal race.

Prior to that, Derek was in the best of his form winning the quarterfinal heat with the fastest time in 400 meter race. His winning streak seemed promising and positive.

However, during the race, he suffered a hamstring injury and was visibly in pain on the track. Unfortunately, he had previous injuries and five surgeries too including– one on the Achilles tendon.

But, instead of seeking medical assistance, he attempted to finish the race even by limping on one foot. He was not ready to give up and wanted to cross the finish line. Immediately, his father Dad Jim Redmond joined him.


Derek’s father held him by his waist and ran with him till the finish line. The medical experts rushed to help but were dismissed by the duo. The crowd present at the Summer Olympics Barcelona 1992 erupted in loud cheers witnessing the emotional movement. Also, the Olympics Games committed called it-

“One of the most inspirational moments in Olympic history.”

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What Was Dad Jim Redmond’s Reaction?

After two decades, Jim Redmond was appointed as a torchbearer in the nationwide torch relay for the Games in London in 2012. Revisiting the moment he shared-

“I saw my (son) having a problem and it was my duty to help, I actually went on the track to try to stop him inflicting further damage to himself. It was Derek’s idea. He asked me to get him back in that lane and I offered him a shoulder to lean on.”


Jim expressed that he told his son he had nothing to prove to anyone and neglect his injuries. But his son Derek was determined to finish the race. So, they did it together with tears in their eyes.

Jim Redmond and Derek Redmond
Jim Redmond and Derek Redmond (Credit: AP)

Condolences Poured By Sports Fraternity

Various groups and outlets poured their condolences while also remembering the historic event. The official account of the Olympic Games tweeted the video-

“Our thoughts are with Derek Redmond and his family following the death of his father, Jim. Together, they brought us one of the most inspirational moments in Olympic history.”


Jim Redmond will be remembered forever.

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