Julio Urias, Dodgers Pitcher’s Left Eye: What Happened with It?

Dodger’s Ace Julio Urias has been delivering outstanding performances back-to-back in the last few years.

On Tuesday, Dodgers won against Padres in game 1 of the NLDS 2022. But, fans noticed that Pitcher Uria’s left eye has some issues.

Last night was crucial as it led to The Los Angeles Dodgers take a lead 1-0. Urias has emerged as a goldmine for the team. The star debuted as a professional baseball player in 2013 at age 16.


What Has Happened To Julio Urias’s Left Eye?

The audience was left wondering about Julio Uria’s left eye which seemed half closed. MLB Star is suffering from a periorbital benign mass. The tumor has to be discarded about four times from when he was a child.

He has undergone multiple eye surgeries. As a result of this, his eyes became half or partially closed.

In an interview, Urias revealed that he still can see from his left eye and has vision, even though it looks closed. However, in 2015, he also admitted to getting eye surgery which was to do with a benign mass. He told the outlet.

“That’s how God works. He gave me a bad left eye but a good left arm”

Julio Urias
Julio Urias (Credit: Getty Images)

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Uria is Famous For His White Glasses

Top Pitcher Julio Urias is a familiar face for fans. Apart from his game and name, he is famous for his white-rim med glasses. He wears these glasses while pitching as it will help him see better.


The glasses have a special curve which makes it easy for the Dodgers Star to see.

The Mexican pitcher also disclosed about his school life. Unfortunately due to his eye condition, Urias was bullied in school. The aftereffect of the eye surgery was a black eye which made him an easy bullying target. The incident took a toll on the player’s mind-

“It affected me a bit mentally because I looked in the mirror and I didn’t want to see me like that. But, little by little, I came around to understanding and learning, so I think I took out the most positive, and the most positive I feel was this sport.”

How Did Julio Urias Become A Dominant Pitcher?

Julio Urias’ career started back in 2013 when, he was 16 years old. Also, he acquired the nickname of El Culichi.

He has contributed to major wins in 2021 and is led the national league era in 2022. He has carved a space for himself and is touted as one of the most dominant pitchers.


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