Kaitlyn Quit WWE: Here is The Reason Why and Related Controversy

Celeste Bonin, a renowned professional wrestler by the ring name Kaitlyn, shocked everyone in 2014 after she announced her retirement from WWE. At that time she cited the reason as focusing on her marriage, clothing line, and fitness industry. It was recently, that she made an appearance on the show The Season’s Podcast where she finally spilled the beans.


Who is Kaitlyn: Her professional career

Kaitlyn had made a remarkable name for herself in the WWE field. The former Diva Champion started her career as a fitness model. She signed a contract with WWE in the year 2010. In the same year, she made her NXT debut by competing in and winning the all-female third season of NXT. This secured her spot on the main roaster. In January 2013, she won the title of WWE Divas Championship. Five months after claiming the title, she terminated her contract with WWE, announcing her retirement.

The reason for Quitting

She told the host of The Season’s Podcast, Renee Paquette, all about her reason for walking away and the impact it had on her life. “I left wrestling because I thought I was just gonna get fired, I felt less and less relevant, I had so much shame. I gained all this weight and my body was giving me every signal that I was just not OK, emotionally, mentally, I just had so much hatred for myself.”

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“I had so much resentment towards myself. I was in self-destruct mode. So, I just asked for my release on a day. It was just like a really shi**y day. I was so disassociated with so much from that day because it was just so painful.” She explained how she felt mentally drained, and confused about what she wanted to do for years.

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Kaitlyn’ Battle with Body Dysmorphia

She admitted that she hated the way she left. Kaitlyn told Renee how during her teenage years, she identified herself as being really muscular and strong. She started working out a lot and competed as soon as she got out of high school. She added, “I was like, This is the way that I’m going to get love and respect and be something in the world. This is the vessel”.

However, after the first couple of competitions, She started having serious body dysmorphia. Quoting Kaitlyn, “I didn’t understand nutrition, I didn’t understand how to take care of myself.” Kaitlyn admitted that she felt for a ‘long time’ that her time in WWE ‘f***ed her up’.

Kaitlyn’s Comeback

WWE announced that Kaitlyn would make her return to the company as one of the participants to compete in the 2018 Mae Young Classic tournament. The comeback after four and a half years was a huge deal for her. In her first comeback match, Kaitlyn defeated Kavita Devi in the first round, but she got eliminated in the second round by Mia Yim.

In October 2019, Kaitlyn defeated Black Widow and Katie Forbes to claim the title of Inaugural Slamforce Africa Women’s Champion.

She described on the show how her comeback allowed her to focus on the ‘beautiful things’ she gained from the business, while pushing away the negativity after so long, and giving her a chance to help her fans.Kaitlyn explained, “I’m like, “Just so you know, whatever you’re feeling it’s OK, when I was on TV, I felt like this every day.” So, we’re all the same.”Looks like she came victorious in her battle with body dysmorphia!

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