Logan Paul and Andrew Tate Boxing Match is Confirmed as Logan Paul Agrees to Fight

Logan Paul, famous YouTuber and professional wrestler, is ready to fight retired kickboxer Andrew Tate. A video of the conversation with his longtime friend Mike Majlak is going viral on the internet. And Fans seem really excited for the big-bash!

The WWE star has fought against Floyd Mayweather once, Olajide Olayinka Williams “KSI” Olatunji twice in his professional combat career, and now he is all set to take over the controversial Andrew Tate. The YouTuber and Vlogger Mike Majlak was accompanying Paul on a trip to Puerto Rico in his private plane and indulged in a conversation with him. He posted the video on August 5, 2022. In the vlog, Majlak asked, “How do you feel about this statement, Andrew Tate is the most famous person on the planet.” Paul replied saying, “I think it’s good to be hot, you know? We’ll see how long it lasts.” Majlak then asked, “Do you want to fight him?” Paul replied, “Yeah.” Mike then continues, “Do you think you could him?” To which Paul responds indirectly, “If I say yes, would you be offended?”


Meet Andrew Tate: The most “controversial man on the planet”

The kickboxer-turned-influencer Tate aged-35 has recently become immensely popular because of his displays of the extravagant lifestyle led by him on Tiktok and his misogynistic remarks about sexual harrasment. Twitter has banned his account three times because of his controversial remarks. The Big Brothers 2017 eliminated him after a video surfaced online showing him beating a woman with a belt. Tate later clarified that it was done with mutual consent.

Tate has claimed he fought 87 bouts out of which he has lost nine with his list of wins including former UFC contender Luke Barnatt.

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Andrew’s Fight with Jake Paul

Meanwhile Logan isn’t the only Paul brother Tate is interested in fighting with. Andrew’s decision to call out Jake Paul for a fight garnered massive attention. He claimed that he had previously offered Paul £3million to take Logan Paul on in 2020. Tate stated, “I’m not some washed-up UFC fighter and I’m not smaller than him, I would beat the living s*** out of him and if he wants to fight I’ll fight him any day of the f****ng week.”

He added, “I offered him $3million at the time, I don’t think it’s about money for him I think it’s about credibility and fame. Him fighting me is a massive risk for him, he knows that. I’d love to kick the f*** out of the guy because I love to fight. He continued, “I’m not some desperate guy at the end of his career who needs the money. I would dedicate my life [to training], treat him like a professional and I would destroy him like I’ve destroyed all of the professionals I have ever fought.”

Reports from YouTube DramaAlert show claim that Jake is indeed planning a fight with Tate. A sportsperson for Andrew told the media, “We are aware that due to the rise in Andrew’s popularity it’s a fight the world wants to see; however, at this moment in time, there is nothing to report. We have also become aware that Jake Paul and his team intend to call Andrew out via a collection of YouTube/ Instagram videos; however, as stated before, there has been no official talks regarding a fight.”


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