Meet ‘Princess Lacey’, Lacey Holsworth as She Was A Friend of Adreian Payne

Adreian Payne was a popular basketball star. Unfortunately, he died after a shooting in Orlando. It was shocking to hear the news of his passing away at the age of 31. Adrian used to be a very gentle soul. Besides in his college days, he befriends a cancer patient’s child. The child’s name was Lacey Holsworth and she was like a little sister to Adrian. Also, he called her “Princess Lacey”. Let’s look down memory lane to know the precious relationship between Lacey Holsworth and Adreian Payne.


Who was Princess Lacey?

Fans are grieving over the loss of a young basketball star during the Orlando shooting. Unfortunately, we have lost a young and beautiful soul. Besides people are also discussing his bond with little Lacey Holdsworth. During Adrian’s early career, he gets close with a little kid Lacey Holsworth. She was a cancer patient who lost her life from the disease in 2014. The little child was a darling for Adreian Payne. Moreover, Adreian use to lovingly call the little girl “Princess Lacey”. Undoubtedly it was such a precious bond between Adreian and the baby girl. The basketball player use to call her his little sister.


Lacey was just 8 years old when she was suffering from cancer. Besides, she had fetal cancer and she succumbed to it in 2014. The child used to wear a blonde wig as she had hair fall as a consequence of chemotherapy. Her tumor got serious in 2011 leading to the engulfing of the kidney. Moreover, her spine was also got affected which led to back pain in her. During that time Adreian came across the little girl. Adrien was in his hospital visit when he develop an unconditional bond with Lacey.

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The friendship between Adrian and Lacey Holsworth

Adrian in his college days gets a precious sister in the form of Lacey Holsworth. He first met Lacey during his visit to the hospital. After that Adrien often visits the hospital to see little Lacey. Undoubtedly they had a special bond between themselves. Besides the NBA star often takes her to his match. It was such a divine relationship between them. He always let Lacey close to him until her unfortunate death of her. It was a heartbreak for Adrian who use to love unconditionally like a baby sister. Even Lacey’s family had become very close to the NBA star.

Adreian Payne  and Princess Lacey
Image: Adreian Payne with Princess Lacey

There was a time when Princess Lacey became a great support system to Adreian Payne. Besides people use to love their bond and Lacey even gets the fame of a celebrity. Undoubtedly her death shattered the NBA star. The NBA star gave statements after the death of Lacey. He believed that his little sister had certainly become an angel enjoying heaven. Adrian further recalled how she used to like his smile. But he believed that it was her precious smile, everyone falls for Lacey. Moreover, he once told how Lacey inspires him to fight the situation by holding a smile.

Adreian Payne died in a shooting at the age of 31

Recently we came across the most unfortunate news of the passing away of an NBA star. Reportedly he was shot dead in Orlando on 9 May. He was rushed to the hospital where they declare him dead. It’s beyond shocking to come up with the terms of his unfortunate death. Besides people are pouring their condolence to his family. We believe that Adrian and Princess Lacey have united in heaven away from this cruel world.


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