More About Tatjana Maria’ Children, The Inspiration Behind Wimbledon 2022 Player

Tatjana Maria is competing for the first time in a Grand Slam semi-final, just a year after conceiving her second child. Read on to find out more about how this hardworking athlete manages her career and parenting.


About The Semi-finals And Finals

Tatjana Maria is to take on Tunisian tennis star Ons Jabeur today, the 7th of July for a place in the Wimbledon finals.

The 34-year-old German athlete won multiple matches, including 5th seed Maria Sakkari and 12th seed Jelana Ostapenko. If she manages to win against Ons Jabeur, her next opponent is either Simona Halep or Elena Rybakina for the final.

What makes these wins even more astonishing and awe-inspiring is the fact that she gave birth just a year ago.

Balancing a busy career while being a mother is not an easy feat. However, Maria credits her children for being her biggest source of inspiration.

About Tatjana Maria’s Marriage Life And Kids

The professional tennis player is married to her coach, Charles-Edouard Maria. Consequently, she has two children with him, Charlotte, born on December 20th, 2013, and Cecilia, born on April 2nd, 2021.

After her win against opponent Jule Niemeier, Tatjana was ecstatic. In an interview, she said: “I have goosebumps everywhere. It’s a dream. A dream to live this with my family, with my two little girls. I mean, one year ago, I [had just given] birth . . . it’s crazy.”


Despite being in the semi-finals she still attends to her parental duties with utmost diligence.

“I’m in the semifinal of Wimbledon and it’s crazy, but I’m still a mom, and after this, I will go out over there and see my kids and do the same thing I do every single day. I will change Pampers, everything as normal. I try to keep [things] normal as much as possible”.


The mother of two credits her husband for being a big help in parenting. The secret to a happy family is the equal participation of both parents and Charles seems to understand this.

“He’s taking care of the kids — he needs to,” she asserts. “But he loves it. He loves his girls — he has only girls and he’s super happy about that. But you know, we do this together. We stay like a family together. That’s for us the most important. My career, his career — at the end of the day it’s our career. It’s a family business, let’s say”.

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Priorities of Tatjana Maria

Many are often skeptical about juggling a career and children, often asking mothers to choose. Perhaps implying that the two concepts cannot co-exist.

However, Tatjana Maria has always had faith in herself to be able to manage to pursue her career while also parenting. Though she does make being a mother the bigger priority of the two.

She said: “To be a mom is for me on the top of my life. “So, I think it helps me in tennis too, because now my priority is my kids. I mean, for sure I play tennis, I want to do my best, and, yeah, that’s all what I want. But my kids are the priority”.


“If I go out here, I want that my kids are happy, that they are healthy, that everything is okay. That’s the most important for me in my life, and for my husband, too. That’s why it works so well that we are working together. We are never fighting about tennis because we both know the family is the most important. It will always stay like this.”

Maria was on tour for over six years with Charles-Edouard and Charlotte. Even after giving birth for a second time in 2021, within three months of it, she went back to touring.

Tatjana has signed her children up for online classes to be able to support the family’s constant travel-filled lifestyle.

Tatjana Maria
Tatjana Maria (Instagram/tatjanamaria87)

She explains, “We chose this education for Charlotte, to travel around the world and do online school. “It’s different to other people, we know. It’s also something we will do for Cecilia. I think it works, I think it shows her something different. It’s a different life. But they’re growing up in tennis — even the little one, she has a tennis racquet in her hand — and that’s the point”.

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