Pat Cummins Says New Coaching Style Needed After Justin Langer

On Wednesday Pat Cummins, an Australian Test Skipper finally broke his silence on Justin Langer’s exit. Justin was the head coach of the team. Pat explained that they need a new coaching style after Justin’s exit. Afterward Pat included that the players were fine with Justin’s fierce coaching technique as it lay down higher team level.

On 5th February, Justin Langer dropped out as Australia head coach. After dismissing a small extension in the place provided by the cricket governing body of the country. Formerly, Justin Langer drops out as a head coach, many former Australian cricketers comprising, Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting, Mitchell Johnson. They thrashed out at Pat Cummins and Cricket Australia for not handling the matter in an appropriate way.

The former cricketers had given their opinions and suggested that Cummins might have backed Langer. Because of his great contribution to Australian cricket. As well as to the team during the four-year-long journey as the head coach. Australia won the Ashes and T20 World Cup

during Justin’s time as head coach of the team. Formerly the sandpaper gate issue in 2018, Australia got the victory after Justin was selected as head coach of the team.
Pat Cummins

Pat Cummins statement on Justin Langer’s exit

For the time being, Pat Cummins broke his silence on Justin’s dropout. He said that the Australian team needs a coaching technique and skill set. Cummins also added that the players were fine with Justin’s fierce coaching style as it lay down higher team level.

“Justin has acknowledged his style was intense, he has apologized to players and staff for his intensity. And I think the apology was unnecessary because the players were OK with JL’s intensity. And Justin’s intensity drove a better team culture and higher team standards. These are significant legacies. To be better players of Australia, from this solid foundation, we need a new style of coaching and skill set.” Pat Cummins further added in his statement.

Pat also determined that he will return to his groupmates. Just like the previous players held up for their fellow players in the game. “Many previous players have come to me and quietly gave me their piece of advice, which is welcome. Some other players have stated in the media that we also welcome and appear from an affection of the game and their support of a buddy. To all previous players, I want to say this: Just like you have always stuck up for your buddies. I’m sticking up for mine.” Pat stated.


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