Robert Federer Net Worth: How Rich is Roger Federer’s Father?

Roger Federer has been the biggest name in the Tennis Industry, he is a known superstar. From winning millions of hearts of the fans to achieving milestones all throughout his tennis career, his life has been a new mystery to explore for many fans, but most of them are also enthusiastic to know about his dad Robert Federer. Let us explore this article so to examine some brief details.


Who is Robert Federer?

Robert Federer is the father of the most famous athlete Roger Federer. He is a German-Swiss and a 76-year-old man who was born in Berneck, Switerzland.

Robert Federer served as an executive at a pharmaceutical firm named Ciba-Geigy. He also manages his son’s Foundation named Robert Federer Foundation, which basically helps underprivileged children with their education, the foundation helps fund their education and sports projects in countries where high child mortality rates are very much visible.

Robert Federer and Roger Federer
Robert Federer and Roger Federer (Credit: Getty Images)

What is Robert Federer’s net worth?

Well, as per sources, it is estimated that the Federer family is very much fed with money. With Robert Federer being an executive and also handling the foundation that he runs for her son, it is very much possible that Robert’s net worth is very much high.

However, the exact possible information regarding the details and the dynamics are not out but so far it looks like the family is currently making millions, with Robert also earning millions.

But the fact that the Federer family spends much more on giving than on earning speedily, proves their real honesty and their loyalty of them to work towards the betterment of the nation.

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How Roger Federer’s father Robert Federer has supported his son throughout his career?

Since Tennis was always a talk of interest in the Federer family. Robert introduced his son to various sports such as squash, basketball, soccer etc among various other sports.

And at a very young age, Roger started developing an interest in Tennis, with also playing Tennis was his main passion. While turning sports into a major career was another turning point in Roger’s life.

His parents always supported their son, in each and every decision that he made. Robert always unconditionally supported his choice of taking up tennis professionally. Therefore Roger entered into the Tennis gameplay and started off his career by making his mark in Basel’s Junior Tennis Program only at the age of eight.


His father has always stated that “My Son still lives for Tennis”.

Robert Federer
Robert Federer (Credit: Getty Images)

Is Robert Federer also an athlete?

No, as stated earlier that Robert Federer is not an athlete, he has served as an executive earlier, and recently he is handling and managing his son’s foundation.

But whereas he has also stated in a couple of his interviews that he loves playing sports, but is not very professional like his son Roger.


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