Sidemen Charity Match 2022: When is It and How to Watch This?

The Internet is currently buzzing with the Sidemen Charity Match which is a new trending topic right now. Because of the fact that Sidemen Charity Match is attaining huge success right now, fans are also getting very excited to explore the match. Let us explore this article so to get some major insights.


What is Sidemen Charity Match?

Sidemen Charity Match is a Charity Match, played by Sidemens. Well, for those of you who don’t know who Sidemens are, they are a group of social media stars.

These are well-known personalities famous for producing their particular video content on YouTube, including sketches, various challenges and video game commentaries across their YouTube channels.

The group is so far responsible for conducting this charity football event between 2015 and 2018 and is thus once again coming into the spotlight after four years of waiting for the fans.

When and What time is the Sidemen Charity Match?


The very famous Sidemen Charity Match will kick off on September 24 at 3 pm for the fans.

The Match will take place at The Valley Stadium in SouthEast London which is so far also the home to FA Cup team Charlton Athletic.

Fans can thus catch the Charity Match at 3 pm on September 24.

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Who will play in the Sidemen Charity Match?

So far as per official sources, the Charity Match will be seeing two teams, Sidemen FC and YouTube Allstars will be fighting against each other so to raise money for the charity.

Well Playing for the Sidemen FC is KSI, W2S, Zerkaa, Vikkstar, TBJZL, Behzinga, Miniminter, Mr Beast, Karl Jacobs, ChrisMD, Pieface, JME, Lazarbeam, Manny, Randolph, Callux and Calfreezy.

Let's make it official

— Sidemen (@Sidemen) August 23, 2022

And on the other hand, the YouTube Allstars teams are Niko Omilana, Yung Filly, Cal the Dragon, WillNE, Harry Pinero, Chris Tyson, IShowSpeed, Noah Beck, Deji, Theo Baker, Chunkz Jidion, Castro, AnEsonGib, Chandler, Danny Aarons and GeorgeNotFound.

Apart from that YouTubers like Mr Beast and Noach Beck will also be joining the Charity Match, therefore we can say that the 2022 Sidemen Charity Match is going to be the biggest and the greatest one so far.


Where and How to Watch Sidemen Charity Match?

Since we know that the Charity Match will be held at The Valley Stadium in SouthEast London, the stadium holds the capacity of a greater number of fans which can also give rise to the possibility that tickets for the events will also be getting sold out very fast.

But fans do not have to worry since it will be broadcasted live on the Sidemen’s YouTube Channel which will also be starting before the match at 2 pm.

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