Stephen A Smith’s Net Worth Explored as He Comments That He was Underpaid by ESPN

Stephen A Smith is one of the most well-known figures in the sports media. He is one of the most well known sportscasters in the world, he is the face of ESPN. He is well renowned for being highly skilled in his field and receives a significant wage for his efforts.

According to New York Post, Stephen A. receives about $8 million from ESPN each year for his work on various shows and sports.


Stephen says his career has affected because he is a black

Stephen A., recently acknowledged that he is paid less than his contemporaries. The First Take actor discussed that black has affected his opportunity for financial success in the field.
SAS apparently receives a good salary from ESPN, but he is capable of earning much more.

Without him, opinions would fall across the board as they did earlier this year because he is the foundation of that organization. We think Stephen A. will get a raise from ESPN pretty soon as he is going to begin in a new show called “NBA in Stephen A’d World.”

Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith (Credit: Getty Images)

Sources of Income for Stephen A Smith

Stephen A. Smith earns around $12 million a year from ESPN. His estimated salary is around $8 million but he also has an additional $4 million given as part of the production contract. Stephen A. ‘s counterpart Skip Bayless earns around $5 million a year from FOX Sports, Colin Cowherd earns around $6 million a year from the same organization.

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How much does Stephen A Smith earn?

None of them work as much as Stephen A. works for ESPN which is why he still thinks he is underpaid. ESPN pays Stephen A. Smith over $12 million annually. A rough estimate of his personal income

is $8million, he also receives an additional $4 million as part of the production contract. FOX Sports pays Colin Cowherd and Stephen $5 to $6 million respectively every year. None of them put in the same amount of effort as Stephen A. does for ESPN, which is why he continues to feel underpaid.

Net worth of Stephen A Smith

Stephen A. Smith has dedicated his life to success, rising from the bottom to the top. Stephen A.’s current estimated net worth is $16 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.


As he gains greater notoriety in the sports media sector and establishes himself as an inspiration to younger generations, his net worth will surely rise in the future.

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