What Does Russell Westbrook’s Instagram Post ‘1 Peter 5:8’ Mean

On 12th October, Wednesday, Russell Westbrook’ Los Angeles Lakers played against the Minnesota Timberwolves which was also their penultimate game of the season.

Even after great performances from Lebron James and Anthony Davis, Timberwolves managed to bring victory home by 118-113.

After the loss, Russell Westbrook posted an ambiguous message that was ‘1 Peter 5.’ Fans were wondering about the meaning of the verse. Hence, we have decoded this verse for the netizens.


Russell Westbrook’s Instagram Post ‘1 Peter 5:8’ Mean?

As of now, there are various rumors of a Team conflict in the lakers. Fans are wondering if is there anything bitter between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley.

Westbrook is surrounded with multiple controversies but certainly not for his game. Moreover, his game performance was also compared with other players. He managed to give an average performance in over 25 minutes against the Timberwolves.


Following the loss from Minnesota, Westbrook posted a message that read “1 Peter 5:8.” This is a verse from the Bible– the holy book. The verse simply means-

“Be alert and sober. Your enemy the devil roams like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

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NBA Star Russell Westbrook Seemed Distant From Lakers Team-members

The speculation arose after a viral video in which Russell Westbrook looked distant from his team players.

In the game, Russell was conversing with the referee regarding the foul. At that time, his teammates gathered to form a group. Patrick Beverley called him.

However, Russell came later and stood outside, distancing himself from the team. This incident did not go unnoticed by the fans and they were all over the internet with their opinions.

Fans claimed that this gesture and body language was impolite while others defended him saying not a big deal as he was just upset with the referee. Some fans suggested others don’t make something out of nothing. While some were harsh and suggested him trading with others.


Even though Westbrook and Beverley have been vocal and said that everything is good between them. Fans have no reasons to trust them as such videos keep surfacing.

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook (Credit: USA Today Sports)

Lakers All Ready For 2022-2023 NBA Season

Los Angeles Lakers are puling their socks up for the 2022-2023 NBA Season. It will begin on 18th October 2022.

The 17-time NBA winners will be clashing horns with the Golden state warriors.


Fans are expecting good chemistry between Purple and Yellow as NBA is the best time to test that.

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