What Happened to Tom Brady’s Left Hand? He Was Wearing A White Glove in The Ravens Match

Tom Brady’ left hand was heavily taped during the Baltimore Ravens game. He was also wearing a white glove on his non-throwing hand, which is not something he do in the previous games. The glove may be for precautionary purposes, but it’s not clear what happened to Brady’s hand.


What Happened to Tom Brady’ Left Hand?

On 27 October night (Thursday), Tom Brady played against the Baltimore Ravens which was his 326th game in the National Football League (NFL).

Lamar Jackson threw for 238 yards and two second-half touchdowns as the Ravens came from behind to beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27-22.

After the game, Brady downplayed the injury, saying that he “just jammed” his hand. He added that he “should be OK” and would be “ready to go” for the Patriot’s next game.

It’s possible that Brady injured his hand during the game, but it’s also possible that he was wearing the glove to protect against an existing injury. It’s not clear how serious the damage is.

Tom Brady Was Wearing A White Glove in The Ravens Match

In Raven’s Match, Brady has been seen wearing a white glove on his left hand. Fans notices it and thought that he must have an injury. But the fact is that he has been seen wearing specific gloves in past matches whenever he had an injury.

Brady’s glove starts trending on Twitter in very less time.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady (Credit: Getty Images)

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Reason Behind His White-Glove

The reason behind it is unknown as he is not known to be injured at that time.

Nobody knows whether it’s preventive or due to an existing problem.

It is believed that Brady may have suffered a minor cut or scrape on his hand during practice. The glove is likely to protect the injury from further aggravation. Brady has been dealing with a number of injuries this season, including a nagging ankle injury that caused him to miss practice earlier in the week.

Looking at the footage of the game, it’s clear that something was wrong with Tom Brady’s left hand. He was wearing a white glove on his non-throwing hand, and it looked like he was having trouble gripping the ball.

Brady took his glove off after the game and his left arm appeared to be heavily damaged.


The glove has some bioceramics technology such as Brady’s sleepwear that absorbs and transmits distant infrared light.

Brady admitted that he hurts his finger while playing against the Saints.

When asked about his finger, Brady said he was okay.“I feel great,” he said. “It’s football season, so …”.

He added that he was “pretty lucky” that it didn’t happen during the game. While it’s not clear how serious the injury is, it’s definitely something to keep an eye on. Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, and if he’s not 100%, the Patriots could be in trouble.

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