What was The Reply of John Cena to Logan Paul’ WWE Challenge?

WWE professional wrestler Logan Paul has drawn a lot of attention during his three battles in the WWE. He was a YouTube star before joining WWE.


Which was Logan Paul’s recent match and with whom?

Logan Paul’s most recent match came in the WWE Crown Jewel main event earlier this month. The match was against Roman Reigns where Logan Paul was unable to defeat Roman Reigns and eventually could not win the WWE Universal Champion title.

Logan Paul claimed to have torn his MCL and meniscus during the match, which would have prevented him from competing at WrestleMania.

Logan Paul tweeted:

“Torn meniscus, MCL & potentially ACL happened halfway through the match. keep y’all updated”

Since Logan Paul has already confirmed that he would participate in the upcoming Wrestle Mania, it turns out that his injuries are not as terrible as everyone initially believed.


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Does Logan Paul want a match with WWE superstar John Cena?

In particular, Logan Paul has hinted at a contest with John Cena, who is also anticipated to compete at the Los Angeles competition in 2023. John Cena has not participated in any fight for around one year. His last match was in 2021. Then John focussed on his career in Hollywood.

John Cena’s reply to Logan Paul

A recurring gag on Cena’s Instagram account involves posting images of Stone Cold Steve Austin with someone else’s head photo-shopped over Austin’s, alongside the words “Stone Cold” as well as a word or phrase which starts with an S.

Generally, John Cena’s Instagram account is known for posting pictures without any captions. He usually posts pictures randomly without any explanation and leaves the audience to guess whatever they want. Today,John Cena posted a pictured e of AustistartLogan Paul’s head morphed in it and wrote a caption on the pic :

“Stone Cold Someday”

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Where all these started?

A tweet said: “ John Cena is reportedly expected to be competing at WrestleMania 39 in Hollywood next year…
Who would you consider the perfect opponent for him on said massive stage? 🤔🤔🤔”

Logan replied to this and hinted that he wants a match against Cena. Now that we have seen John Cena’s response to the entire incident, we are unsure of what to expect. Should we expect John Cena’s return in the next year or not? We will keep you updated on the latest news related to John Cena’s comeback.


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