Who is Al Horford’s Sister Anna Horford? What She Said to Warriors Fans After Celtics Lose

If you are an NBA fan, you definitely had an amazing last month. With lots and lots of matches to amazing gameplay moments, there were a lot of amazing moments in the game. The conclusion was one many expected and was looking forward to. Now the interesting part we are going to cover in the article who is Al Horford’s sister Anna Horford. She made a lot of salty tweets in the whole tournament and she did the same after the final match as well. She made quite a salty remark to the warrior fans.


Brief about the match

The amazing Trio of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green helped Golden State Warriors to win their fourth win against Boston Celtics in this year’s NBA finals. The Warriors have won their fourth title in the game. The Boston Celtics also displayed an amazing effort and led an inspiring yet difficult path to the Finals, after defeating the defending champions of last year’s NBA. In the end, it’s not wrong to say, that all of this went in vain as the Golden State Warriors took the match away from the Boston Celtics.

About Tweets of Anna Horford

Anna Horford

Now, apart from the interesting games in the NBA this year. Another subject is gaining quite popularity regarding the game. And it is about Anna Horford’s tweets. She is the sister of Al Horford. Al has been a kind of surprise element to the Boston Celtics. The 36-year-old player Horford has played the best of his career in this year’s NBA. His sister Anna Horford has been quite vocal about her feelings in all of the series. She is famous for posting salty tweets. The series had its own ups and downs and the fans had their own comments. Anna Horford tweeted after the Boston Celtic’s final loss.

Following the Game 7 loss, she tweeted: ‘“Congrats to the b**** a** Warriors. Yes, I’m salty. Yes, it was a sh**** loss. Love our guys and love how far we came. Sad for my brother who played an amazing game. Go C’s.” The fans made it quite a bit of news but the former did not stop here, instead, she doubled down on what she said.

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History of Anna’s Tweets

Anna Horford is quite famous on Instagram as she is running a Horford Happy Hour podcast. She is hosting the same. Anna Horford has a Twitter following of around 60k followers. She tweeted a lot during this season. Some of her posts were appreciating her brother, while some were mere sour tweets to the other team’s fans. Once Klay Thompson posted that he is very excited for Boston to go and win the finals and Anna reshared it and advised everyone to hear it on loop.

This is not the first time she is doing this, but back in 2020 when her brother Al was traded from the Sixers, she again poked the fans telling them that most of them were miserable. This was one of the firsts when she created news in the NBA world. This particular tweet back then led to an online Banter as well where a fan replied to her tweet targeting Al and his performance. Anna did not take much time to turn the tables around on the fan.

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