Who is Cassiel Rousseau, Commonwealth Games 2022 Gold Medallist in Men’s 10M Platform Diving?

Cassiel Rousseau grabbed gold medal in the Men’s 10 metre Platform diving, in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Making him the gold medalist from Australia to do so.


About Cassiel Rousseau.

The Australian diver, Cassiel Rousseau, was born in Brisbane,on 4 February 2001. He is the grandson of Michel Rousseau, who also won a gold medal in 1956 Summer Olympics, in the men’s sprint. Michel Rousseau is a French cyclist.

Cassiel did not begin with diving as a sport first. He was an acrobatic gymnast, his skills and talent, were a perfect fit to diving. And therefore, he took up diving as a sport in 2017. Out of his six other siblings, his sister inspired him to do so.

Soon after that, Cassiel won junior nationals in 3mtr Springboard and grabbed home a bronze and a silver in 1mtr Springboard. His enthusiasm, got him selected in the Australian team for the Junior World Championships team in 2018, but he had to stay back because of his back injury.

The diver was awarded with a scholarship, within the 2019 Sport Australian Hall of Fame and Mentoring Program. He was paired with Karla Gilbert as his Mentor.


The diver’s hardships made him take home gold. The 21-year-old, made a spectacular dive, in the men’s 10 metre platform at the Commonwealth Games. This move of his, took him to the first place.

The dive that won him gold.

The 21-year-old diver was leading by 2.1 points over the Canadian diver, Rylan Wiens, whilst entering the final round of Sunday’s final at Birmingham.

Rylan Wiens dived before Cassiel Rousseau. He did a backward dive, two and a half somersaults, and two and a half twists. He was rewarded with 97.2 points. Cassiel needed 95.1 points to win the gold, he did his best dive and was rewarded with 84.60 points.

Cassiel Rousseau
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That was when, the diver did something out of the box. He did a forward four and half somersaults, with perfection and at the right time.

The judges were impressed by his dives. One judge gave him 10 points, three judges gave him 9.5 points. And the remaining three judges gave him 9.0 points.

Diving’s scoring system is all about striking the highest and the lowest scores. What remains, is multiplied by how actually difficult the dive was.

In total Rousseau scored 103.6 points which won him the gold.

Cassiel Rousseau
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How did Rousseau react to his winning.

”And as soon as I was about to run, actually nothing was in my head. And I just went for it.”


”There was lots of pressure on that last dive and I think I handled it pretty well”.

”Before the dive, I said to myself, ‘if I land on my stomach or I do actually land on my head, I am not going to care at all, I am just going to give it my all and see what I actually have”

”I did know straight away. As soon as I hit the water I knew I was going to get some bloody high marks”.

”That was pretty much in the top two dives I have done in my life”.

Cassiel Rousseau
Credit: Getty Images

said the gold medalist, after his winning at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

” I don’t think I’ve reached close to my potential just yet”


”Every competition I go to, I like to get a little new tattoo, I might get two in England after this performance”.

Later added the 21-year-old, 2022 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist.

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