Who is Dalton Keane? Football Fan Died After Escalator Fall at Acrisure Stadium

Recently Dalton Keane, a man who died after an escalator fall has been very much in the news and fans are wondering what happened and how that man die, putting another factor of curiousness on their minds. Let us explore this article to get some major insights.


Who was Dalton Keane, the man who died at a Stadium

Recently a man came into huge limelight on social media when it became clear that he died after an Escalator fall, the authorities also identified him.

The unfortunate man is Dalton Keane a 27-year-old man who fell from an Escalator inside Acrisure Stadium and suddenly died.

Dalton Keane was a pipefitter by profession at McCarl’s, an industry service provider located in Beaver County.

He was a loving father and a devoted son. He went to Central Valley High School in Centre Township according to Zachary Smith who attended school with Keane.


McCarl’s CEO Ken Burk also stated “He joined McCarl’s in 2014 and was highly regarded by our employees, “Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

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What happened to Dalton, how did he die?

Dalton was a football fan who died due to an escalator fall at Sunday’s game between the Steelers and Jets.

After the football match inside Acrisure Stadium in Pittsburgh Dalton fell from the escalator at 4:45 pm. The incident happened shortly after New York had defeated the home team by 24-20.

However, paramedics came to the scene and provided aid to the victim and thus rushed Keane to an area hospital when Dalton was in a very critical condition.

But unfortunately, he died at the hospital at around 5:10 pm and according to the medical examiner that the man had died earlier 25 minutes after when he fell from the escalator.

What are the authorities saying about Dalton’s death?

Well, the Pittsburgh police are currently investigating the matter of Dalton.

As per the police spokeswoman Amanda Mueller “As with all situations involving an unnatural death, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Major Crimes Unit is investigating the events at Sunday’s game,” 


Therefore, the Pittsburgh police are making sure to keep their ongoing investigation regarding the death of a man with a beautiful and small baby.

Police have also stated that the medical examiner’s office would release a cause and the manner of death which led to this event with also including any harmful or toxic result.

And with this, so far there is no further confirmation by them, but it looks like their current investigation is very much ongoing.


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