Who is Sterling Henderson? Origin of His Nickname Scoot Henderson Explored

The 2023 NBA Basketball season is at full blast. Metropolitans 92 vs. G League Ignite game is today in Sterling Henderson on ESPN2.

Ahead of this highly anticipated game, we explore NBA Scout — Scoot Henderson’s real name, Sterling Henderson, and the origin of his nickname.

It is a simple yet fun story behind the NBA’s star sports moniker.


Who Is Sterling Henderson?

Sterling Henderson is the real name of the American basketball player Scoot Henderson. He plays for NBA G League Ignite of the NBA G League. The athlete is just 18 years old and was born in 2004.

He was a consensus 5-star recruit in school. A Five-star recruit is the highest form of ranking accorded to a school football recruit. The person who gets such an honor gains a lot of publicity and hype. With great praise, comes great responsibility as well.


In the 2021 class, he was one of the top point guards. The 6ft 2 player has his eyes set on NBA G league ignite and turned down offers from Georgia and Auburn.

Scoot has emerged as an electric player giving tough competition to his opponents raising the tension level of the game. The player is even compared with LA Lakers star– Russell Westbrook.

Also, he has explosive skills in the open court. Hence, it would be a delight to see him in the upcoming Wembanyama’s Metropolitans 92 scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday this week.

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How Scoot Henderson Got This Nickname?

As explained earlier, his real name is Sterling Henderson but became Scoot Henderson later. He got this nickname when he was a toddler.

Scoot’s mother says “its just a nickname.” However, the siblings have some hilarious reasons to reveal about his nickname.

They disclosed that Sterling got this nickname because he used to scoot across the floor on his rear as a kid. A very adorable reason indeed!


Just like Scoot, his six siblings are fond of football and are fans of late. Kobe Bryant who had a tragic end in a helicopter crash. His youngest sibling Crystal, 16, is one of the highest-ranked preps in Georgia.

Sterling Henderson
Sterling Henderson (Instagram/thereal0_)

Where To Watch Metropolitans 92 vs. G League Ignite

Metropolitans 92 vs. G League Ignite will play in Henderson, Nevada. Its Victor Wembanyama vs Scoot Henderson.

It would be interesting to watch as both are best in their reigns. Moreover, Scoot is the first high school person to have enrolled in the program.


The date and timings are –10 p.m. ET on Tuesday (4 October). You can watch it exclusively on ESPN2 and the NBA app.

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