Who is The Coach of Coco Gauff? Is Her Father Corey Gauff, Still Coaching Her in 2022?

The biggest question which is there in the minds of numerous tennis fans is about the coach of Coco Gauff. Is her father still holding the position of coach in 2022? Let us explore this article so to get some insights regarding the buzzing topic.


Who is Coco Gauff?

For those of you who didn’t know who Corri “Coco” Gauff is, she is an 18 years old, young American professional tennis player, who has created a remarkable name for herself in the Tennis Industry.

Talking about her achievements, with only the age of 18 years, she has achieved numerous titles, thereby making her name as the youngest singles title-holder on the Worldwide Top-Tier tennis tour for women at the 2019 Linz Open.

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Who is the Coach of Coco Gauff in 2022?

The question now comes who is the coach of Coco in 2022, well, you guessed it right, Corey Gauff, who is the father of Coco Gauff is the Coach in 2022.

Corey Gauff has had a pretty well-balanced career when it comes to sports. In his initial career, he played basketball for Georgia State University’s college teams.

Working as a healthcare insurance executive, he, later on, gave up his career so to focus on his daughter’s training and development. And since then he has been all geared up to completely focus on his daughter’s professional sports journey.

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Is Corey, still the Coach of Coco?

Well, yes, Corey Gauff is still the coach of Coco even in 2022, but it looks like his mentorship and guidance, with tough training and development has proven very successful for his daughter.

With also named the 2019 Team USA Developmental Coach of the Year as part of the USA Coaching Awards, proving the point that he is the best mentor and Coach for Coco.


And Coco also under his guidance, has won numerous accolades even being the youngest American Tennis player.

Coco Gauff and Corey Gauff
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Coco Gauff to face Carolina Garcia in the quarter-finals of the US Open

While talking about Coco Gauff’s next match, she will face France’s Carolina Garcia in the upcoming quarter-finals of the US Open.

After defeating China’s Zhang Shuai in the fourth round, it looks like Coco is all set to take on the new adventure of defeating Carolina, with also attaining the victory in the quarter-finals in the US Open.

Since, Corey, is still mentoring, focusing on Coco Gauff’s training and development, it is surely no doubt, that Coco is going to create her greater name in the Tennis Industry.

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