Who is The Coach of James Duckworth as His US Open 2022 2nd Round Match Today?

James Duckworth came down to the second round of match of US Open 2022 after defeating his opponent, Australia’s Chris O’Connell in all-Australian match-up at the US Open. Wayne Arthurs is James Duckworth Coach.


Who is the coach – Wayne Arthurs?

Wayne Sean Arthurs, who goes by the name Wayne Arthurs, is a veteran Australian professional tennis player. Born on 18th of March 1971 in Adelaide, Australia, Wayne made it to a professional player in 1999, and furthermore got retired in 2007.

Wayne had only one title throughout his career in the singles, and twelve in the doubles division. Other than that, his highest rank ever was 44th round the world in the singles, whereas, 11th in the doubles division.

Wayne Arthurs
Wayne Arthurs (Credit: Getty Images)

He was called out as ‘the best in the world’ by his fellow teammates and tennis players. Also, he was termed as the ‘best server’.

James Duckworth is a professional Australian Tennis player, born on 21st January 1992, in Sydney, Australia. His career initially started with Olive Anderson of Queensland. Wayne Arthurs Coach of James Duckworth


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James Duckworth US Open 2022

James Duckworth is all set to receive the second-highest pay cheque of his career in a grand slam. he achieved his biggest victory after defeating his opponent, Chris O’Connell in none other than the all-Australian match-up, in the very first round at the US Open.

After making sure for James Duckworth a hefty payday, the Australian player also added to himself a higher ranking than before. There’s a direct jump of 10 spots to rank 73 all around the world. Although, it’s still inside the cut-off for a direct entry to yet another future grand slam.

Coming to the winning James’ scores, it was a 4-6, 7-6(7-0),6-2, 6-3 slammed against the opponent, Chris O’Connell. Although Chris lost amidst the grand opening two days, it was quite an achievement for Duckworth for various reasons. James is 30 years now.

James Duckworth
James Duckworth (Credit: Getty Images)

The hefty pay cheque that Duckworth is about to receive must have grabbed your attention. Well, let’s answer your questions! He will pocket at least a whooping $176,000 for stationing to the second round that too only in the very second time in seven attempts, at Flushing Meadows. James even had to go to multiple surgeries including 10 rounds of foot, shoulder, elbow and hip to stay in the game.

To enter into his personal achievements, Duck even received a text from his fiancé. Madison was congratulating him for the paying for the wedding through his win- replied it’s a nice bonus! James is not planning to move down the aisle with the fiancé anytime soon, mentioned that most of the money is going to go in the coaching and medical bills. But this is not going stop his fiancé from making a place for the ‘big day’.


Also, to get more money coming, if Duckworth is able to defeat the British 20th Dan Evans in the upcoming round, he’ll be able to bring home at least for a number, $274,000!

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