Why Did Anthony Taylor Get Banned from Misfits Boxing?

Anthony Taylor is a boxer and mixed martial artist. He claims that he has been excluded from the Misfits x DAZN boxing match. He says that he has been banned because of an incident with Dillion Danis who is a fellow opponent.

This weekend’s Misfits x DAZN boxing event will take place in Austin, Texas, but it seems that Anthony Taylor won’t be there to watch the match as he is banned.

All fighters that were competing had their weigh-ins on November 18. MMA athlete Dillon Danis spoke to YouTuber KSI, the CEO of Misfits Boxing and a promotion partner for the event, during the proceedings.


Anthony Taylor and Dillon Danis’s fighting incident

When the incident took place it wasn’t entirely anticipated. The whole incident took place in a live broadcast. Anthony Taylor and Dillon Danis had their odds for a while now so the fight was not completely surprising for everyone. Everyone could feel that a fight was about to break out between the two.


Anthony Taylor and Dillon Danis were involved in a physical fight, people gathered there to split them up but according to sources Dillon Danis and Anthony Taylor appear to have gotten into another fight outside of the arena shortly after they were split up.

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Anthony Taylor’s response to the whole incident

In a Tweet posted the same day, Taylor now asserts that he has been excluded from the next boxing tournament.

Anthony Taylor tweeted: “Just banned and can’t come to the event tomorrow”

Rumors are that the fight between Dillon ad Anthony was staged

Fans speculate that Dillon’s altercation with KSI may have been staged to advertise a future fight, but neither KSI nor DAZN has responded to the speculation to date.

This would be an interesting turn of events because KSI has recently been linked to three different boxers, including Danis. Tyron Woodley recently criticized the YouTuber for supposedly pulling out of a fictitious fight contract and choosing a “lesser opponent.”


According to suspicions spread after a supposed fight flyer for the contest was stolen from DAZN, the “lesser opponent” could be Joe Fournier. The validity of this card is still up for debate.

As of right now, it appears more likely than ever that Danis will be KSI’s next opponent, and since the YouTuber is scheduled to announce his next bout on Saturday, fans are more eager than ever.


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