Why Did Damian Lillard Left Trail Blazers vs Miami Heat Game in Third Quarter?

Damian Lillard in his last game left his team Portland Trail Blazers and fans are thus wondering the reason behind his leaving the game. Let us explore this article in order to know more updates regarding this news.


Who is Damian Lillard?

A well-known American professional basketball player, Damian Lillard. He thus plays for the Portland Trail Blazers as a point guard.

He is known for making very deep shots in Basketball due to which he is nicknamed “Dame Time’.

Selected by the Portland Trail Blazers initially in the 2012 NBA Draft, and since then Damian had a pretty greater contribution to the Portland Trail Blazers.

His greater performance also won him the 2013 NBA Rookie of the Year. Considered one of the best-known talents in the Trail Blazers, due to his performance the team has gained significant success over the years.

Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard(Credit: Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports)

Why did Damian Lillard leave the Trail Blazers vs Miami Heat Game in Third Quarter?

During a recent match between Portland Trail Blazers and Miami Heat Game, Damian left the game on Wednesday night but fans thus wanted to know the reason behind his leaving the match.

Beacuse of his recent injury in the game, which led Damian to experience a strained right calf became the reason for his leaving the match last Wednesday night.

Damian after the injury headed straight into the locker room and thus did not return which resulted in the Trail Blazers losing the game.

Damian also stated that his injury did not require an MRI but he will not likely be playing the match against Houston Rockets.

As stated by Damian

“So probably not going to be playing that game on Friday. That will give me six days of maybe two sessions some days, three sessions other days, and try to be ready for that one. We’ll see.”

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Miami Heat beat Portland Trail Blazers with 119-98

Well, recently during the Wednesday night basketball match between Miami Heat and Portland Trail Blazers, Trail Blazers suffered their first loss of the season.


Miami Heat beat the Portland Trail Blazers with 119-98 which has made the Portland Trail Blazer fans very sad and disappointed.

Since Damian Lillard left the game in between due to his right calf strain he still led the Blazers with 22 points but the calf strain struck in which made him to left the game.

However fans were very disappointed with Portland Trail Blazers, but Damian’s calf strain made the whole game worse for the Trail Blazers, it was sad to see the Trail Blazers lose to the Maimi Heaters in the third quarter.


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