Why Were NFL Coaches Wearing Flag Patches?

For the first time in the hostory of the NFL, Coaches, Players and others will be representing their mother country plus cultural heritage. Let us take a look at this article to explore why is it happening.


NFL Coaches, Players and other Executives to wear International Flags this week

NFL, the biggest and the professional American football league will be celebrating that greater amount of cultural heritage and diversity which exists in each one of the NFL teams.

Each of the members of the NFL teams will be wearing international flags on their helmets this week, which would give a global and bigger representation of the cultural diversity that each member will be showcasing.

This initiative set to run through Weeks 4 and 5 is a part of the league’s wide movement which will therefore expand the game’s influence to other corners of the globe since American football is a global and worldwide league in the world.

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How many players and coaches will be wearing the flags of different countries?

As per sources, NFL has 205 players who will be representing and wearing the national flags of their countries these next two weeks.

However, among the major group, one is Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray who opted to add the South Korean flag in honour of his mom who is half Korean.

Apart from the larger number of players who no doubt are going to showcase their cultural heritage and ethnicity by wearing the national flag.

Fans would be getting the chance of bursting their curious minds to explore the cultural heritage of their favourite player and coaches.

Therefore, with that 20 executives and coaches will participate in the league’s initiative. This includes Patriots head coach Bill Belichick and Los Angeles Chargers owner Dean Spanos representing their cultural histories.

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Bill Belichick was wearing the Croatian flag on his Outfit

The New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick was seen wearing a Croatian flag on his outfit during their Sunday’s game against the Green Bay Packers.

Bill Belichick was wearing his usual zipper with a Patriots logo on the left side, with the Croatian flag on the right side.


However, NFL commissioner Roger Goodwell also stated in a statement “The NFL is proud of the extensive collection of nationalities and heritage of its players across the League, “We recognize the many cultures they represent and the excitement they bring to their home fans, which ultimately helps grow our game.”

Therefore, those players, coaches and executives who have decided to wear the flag of their respective countries alongside their American flag on their helmets must have lived in the country or similarly their grandparents or parents who must be born there, will represent the cultural heritage that NFL includes in their coaches, players etc.


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