Will Jake Paul and Andrew Tate Fight Happen as Hasim Match is Canceled?

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr fight is canceled. Fans are demanding the two internet celebrities Jake Paul and Andrew Tate to face off in the ring. In a relatively short amount of time, former YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul has established a significant name for himself. He was scheduled to face professional boxer Hasim on Saturday.

Consequently, fans now want the YouTuber to face Andrew Tate. The match was abruptly called off a week before the scheduled time.


Fans demand Jake Paul and Andrew Tate’s Fight

Many fans are leaving comments on both Andrew and Jake’s social media posts. Subsequently, they are pleading for them to fight each other ever since Jake and Hasim’s battle was canceled.

Many of Jake’s Instagram followers are leaving comments that read “Fight Tate.”

“Jake Paul should fight Andrew Tate. It’s honestly what the world wants to see”. A supporter penned on Twitter.

Many others expressed their desire for a fight between the two on Twitter. They say it might be the ‘biggest money fight in celebrity boxing.’  Many admirers have already predicted what would happen if the two internet personalities fought each other.

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Rumors about the fight from sources

YouTuber Keemstar fanned the flames by tweeting on August 3rd that he had heard “rumors from sources” that Jake and Andrew were about to fight. Additionally, Jake’s friend J’Leon Love was working with him since his boxing career took off. He thinks that a fight between the YouTuber and Andrew would generate a tonne of revenue for them.

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman
Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman (Credit: Getty Images)

According to J’Leon, “No matter what, if Andrew and Jake fight they are going to do insane numbers,” “Guaranteed they will. What makes sense makes money.”


In the past, Andrew Tate had desired to challenge Jake Paul. The creator of The Hustler’s University had given $3 million in cash to challenge Jake.

Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr Comments on Canceled Fight

Both sides are claiming various things in light of the canceled fight between Jake and Hasim.

Jake alleged that Hasim “pulled out of the battle. He uploaded a video on his social media account stating this. Hasim had a weight problem, according to Jake and his marketing firm MVP.

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