WWE Paige aka Saraya Shares After Her Sex Tape and Nudes were Leaked, She Wanted to Die

WWE Paige AKA Saraya says she wanted to die after her s*x tape and n*de photos were leaked.


Paige’ family reacted on leaked n*des

Former WWE Women’s Champion Paige was at “rock bottom” after nude photos and videos of her were leaked online in 2017 and wasn’t sure if she wanted to live.

Paige, who now goes by the name Saraya, joined Renee Paquette on a podcast. It was titled “The Sessions” on The Volume and talked about a harrowing time in her life. It was about how she shook off the things that happened after her n*des got leaked.

She explained that she hid in bushes. People were all around her trying to bring her down. Other than that, she revealed that this moment came when she was struggling with drug problems, including cocaine and alcohol use.

In a podcast she confessed how her dad supported her at the lowest. She called her father from the bush and said, “I’m so sorry.” His answer took her off the proverbial edge. “Eh, what are you sorry for? Who cares?” he asked her. It was what it was. She has to deal with it. It will hurt a little. People will make fun of her forever. But he is still proud of her. He just wanted her to know that he’s not disappointed. “

Saraya said it “immediately changed” her feelings. She called her brother, even he had a similar reaction. Ultimately, she concluded, “If my family is okay with me, I’m okay.”

Paige (Credit: Getty Images)

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She hits back on troll asking her to join OnlyFans

British wrestling star Paige has KO’d an internet troll who tried to suggest she was ‘irrelevant’ and should join OnlyFans.

The Norwich-born grappler, whose real name is Saraya Jade Bevis, was speaking out on a U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning a woman’s constitutional right to have an abortion.

Seemingly calling for a mandatory vasectomy for men, she tweeted: “A woman can get pregnant every nine months. Any man can impregnate as often as he wants. 24*365 days a year I say equal rights. To which an anonymous troll replied in her tweet, that she’s a shi*ty wrestler and didn’t go anywhere because she were a shi*ty person. Now you are irrelevant and hopeless. “What’s next ? A only fans ?”

But last month, the 29-year-old WWE superstar, who announced she was leaving the company on July 7, misled the trolls with her witty response. Citing a snarky response, she said, that first of all, she would make a lot of money from OF.

Paige made her in-ring debut at just 13 years old and at 21 became WWE’s youngest Divas Champion. Her parents and two older brothers are wrestlers as well. Her family runs the World Association of Wrestling based in Norwich. Other than that her mother owns Bellatrix Female Warriors which is a women’s wrestling promotion.

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