Young Scooter Joked That Rapper Future Is Eyeing Broncos’ quarterback role as Russell Wilson’s Mistake Ensues

‘Judd King’ Young Scooter joked about his fellow rapper Future that he is testing for Russell Wilson’s Quarterback role as the latter’s mistake ensues.

Denver raised the expectations of fans by promising an exciting season with a new quarterback. However, the truth seems nowhere near it.

Fans are trolling Bronco’s exorbitant contract extension agreed upon at $245 million with Russell Wilson. Denver’s Thursday night fiasco became fodder for gossip.


Young Scooter Jokes That Rapper Future Is Eyeing On Russell Wilson’s Role

The onus of losing the game against The Indianapolis Colts is all lying on Seahawk-Ex Russell Wilson. It was a record-breaking new low in loss with 12-9.

There were quite a few mistakes that costed heavily to Broncos. One of the most crucial was missing an open receiver in the end zone.

The crowd present there was not going easy on Wilson as he was booed again and again. Also, the same thing happened back in his home debut few weeks ago.


Popular Rapper Young Scooter made a joke amidst the sports fiasco. He said that Rapper Future is trying for the quarterback’s role next week.

The joke has a personal comment on it as Russell’s present spouse Ciara was in a relationship with Future. Back in 2013, Ciara and future were engaged and about to get married but somehow, things didn’t work out.

Later in 2016, Russel and Ciara got hitched.

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Russell Wilson Has A Shoulder Injury

As per ESPN, Wilson has torn Lat near his shoulder but still, he is playing in the game. Moreover, he went to Los Angeles to get treatment and platelet-rich plasma Injection.

The injury is not severe as he is going up against the Chargers next week. Further, Wilson does not need surgery. But, the wound will take it’s sweet time to heal.

How Does Russell Wilson React?

Amidst all the trolling and booing, Russell Wilson is not shying away from taking responsibility for his woes. He made a statement-


“It’s very simple — at the end of the day I’ve got to be better, I’ve got to play better. The defense played their butts off tonight, we had some key good drives. At the end of the day throwing two interceptions can’t happen. Can’t happen. I let the team down tonight.”

Fellow team member Gordon remarked that it is not Wilson’s fault alone.

“I don’t want Russ to feel like this is on him. We all make mistakes, it’s part of the game. This is a roller coaster.”

As a part of Sports, sometimes you win more, and sometimes you lose more.


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