YouTuber George Benson Calls Anthony Taylor ‘a sh*t referee’

George Benson, a YouTuber, calls Anthony Taylor ‘a sh*t referee’ for his poor refereeing in the Chelsea match. Let’s see what happened in the match.


Poor Refereeing in the Chelsea Match

Thomas Tuchel believes his players are concerned when they realize referee Anthony Taylor will be overseeing Chelsea games. He has proposed that Taylor should not referee Chelsea fixtures.

The Blues manager believed that both of Tottenham’s goals in Sunday’s 2-2 tie at Stamford Bridge should not have stood and launched a direct assault on Taylor and VAR official Mike Dean.

Tweet of George Benson

George Benson, a football vlogger, is a supporter of Chelsea FC. After Anthony Taylor’s terrible refereeing, Benson tweeted, ‘Anthony Taylor is just a shit referee isn’t he? How this guy is on payroll is beyond me!’

‘Anthony Taylor is one of the only human beings I can tell you without much hesitation that I despise.’

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The Chelsea Match

Kalidou Koulibaly was the one who scored the game’s first goal in the 19th minute whereas Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg tied it with 22 minutes remaining.

Before Harry Kane’s 96th-minute leveler, Reece James regained Chelsea’s lead with 13 minutes.

But moments before Harry Kane managed to gain, Cristian Romero attempted to pull Marc Cucurella away through the hair during an edge struggle.

Rodrigo Bentancur tackled Kai Havertz in the lead-up to Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s level.

Fans Signed Petition Against Anthony Taylor

Chelsea supporters earlier started an online petition with more than 80,000 signatures. The petition asked to prohibit Taylor from refereeing their games. The petition cited several prior instances.

Following Sunday’s game, the fresh petition got nearly 10,000 signatures, in an hour.

At The End of The Match

After arguing on the side of the pitch following Spurs’ opening goal, coaches Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte got into a fight at the end of the game.

When questioned about the belief among Chelsea supporters that Taylor seems to tend to make unfavorable judgments, Tuchel responded,

“I don’t think just some of the fans think that. I can assure you the whole dressing room of us, every single person, thinks that.” “I can’t understand how the first goal is not offside and I can’t understand when a player is pulled by their hair, the other player stays on the pitch.”

Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor (Credit: Getty Images)

“Pull someone else’s hair, stay on the pitch, and attack the last corner. This is for me without any explanation and I don’t want to accept it. Both goals should not stand and it’s a fair result because we were brilliant, deserved to win. This is my point of view.”

When asked if the teammates were concerned about Taylor officiating their matches, Tuchel responded, “Yeah, of course,” before addressing the idea that he shouldn’t.

Tuchel will bear a sideline penalty for Chelsea’s upcoming game against Leeds on Sunday.

 The Football Association is also certain to get in touch with Tuchel on his remarks in the days ahead.


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