How to Get Viral Sad Face Filter on Instagram?

Something bizarre sad face filter is recently trending on the TikTok. It’s a filter that makes your pic hilariously upset. Of course, netizens are getting crazy over this hilarious filter. Therefore many people are trying to use the Sad Face filter on their Instagram and TikTok. However, this filter you have become obsessed is not inbuilt into Instagram or TikTok.


Trending filter on the Instagram and TikTok

Netizens have always loved unique filters on social media platforms. Nowadays a sad face effect is trending on the video-sharing platform. Therefore whenever we scroll TikTok, we frequently came across this hilarious filter. Besides TikTok users are getting excited to use this hilarious face effect. Undoubtedly it’s beyond hilarious to see this type of crazy face. It’s the most hilarious thing going on the internet.

This upset face filter is a perfect thing for playing a prank. Besides who knows you may get viral with this funny filter effect. You may have a video of your friend giggling, but the result will be their hilarious upset face. Undoubtedly it’s an amazing creative filter that can make you go crazy with laughter. Of course, this funny filter uplifts our mood whenever we came across it on the TikTok


Moreover, this type of video is now garnering incredible views. Even watching this video can for a second gives a delusion about whether the person is crying or not. The craziness of this filter is so apparent, that even people are discussing it on Twitter.

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Obsession with a Sad Face Filter

This hilarious filter effect has taken over the internet since May 2022. People love these unusual sad faces that are just hilarious. Besides netizens are also playing tricks with the help of this filter. One popular prank is now getting viral on the internet. The users are first filming their friends and then ask about the reason for their sadness.

Therefore the friends get confused as they were not upset Moreover it’s not only the upset face, but this filter also makes the voice crack. Undoubtedly this sort of clip gives a great laughter doze. Today this filter h as taken the internet by storm.

Sad Face Filter
Image: Sad Face Filter (from: TikTok/sparklingjulesofficial /sparklingjulesofficial /sparklingjulesofficial)

One of the most interesting aspects of this filter is its realistic feature. The filter is made so that the details look so perfect. Therefore it creates a sad face that actually can look so realistic. Any newbie can get confused about whether someone is actually upset or not.


Nowadays people are getting crazy over this amusing filter. Besides people are also speculating how to get this filter. There are so many people who want to follow this trend but they are unable to do so.

How to get the Sad Face Filter?

Undoubtedly we are gushing over a new filter that is now ruling the TikTok. The filter has now become a trend and of course, many want to be part of it. But many TikTok users are confused as this filter is not showing in the app. Therefore you must know that you will not find this filter either in TikTok. This filter is native to the Snapchat app. The steps to get this filter is as follows:

  • First, go to your Snapchat
  • Focus the camera on the person you want to film
  • You have to keep your finger over the person’s face.
  • Thereafter the filters will get pop up on your screen
  • Go for ‘explore’
  • Then you have to search for ‘crying’
  • After getting the crying filter, click it to enjoy the show
  • If you want to share it then record a video and share it on social media like Instagram, TikTok, etc.

So let’s enjoy this hilarious trend and have fun with your friends. And of course, have fun pranking someone with this hilarious filter.

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