New Spotify Sorting Tool: How to Reorganize Your Library with This?

Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming app is again in news for introducing a new sorting tool, and now the question is how to use this amazing new tool for your convenience. Let us explore this article in order to get to know some greater details.


What is the New Spotify Sorting Tool all about?

Well, Spotify has recently come up with a new tool that is the New Sorting tool which is very convenient and good for users to try.

It can be very much sometimes difficult to sort one’s music since there are countless ways to sort one’s music on Spotify, the app has now come up with a New Sorting tool which is way more convenient than the other features or sorting tools the app offers.

So, therefore to sort one’s music in a very convenient way this new tool has developed.

When you allow Playlist Machinery’s Organize your Music option to access your Spotify, it, therefore, connects to your accounts, takes data from your library and therefore sorts your music.


Therefore, this tool used the data Spotify provides for each song so to categorize your music, then connects with your accounts and accomplishes the string process for your music.

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How to Organize your music using the New Spotify Sorting Tool?

Well, we all want to know now, the steps to organize one’s music, and difficult tasks are never liked by anyone.

Therefore, if you want to access the Organize your Spotify Tool, you can access it on their website, therefore while opening the tool, you will be welcomed with various options to organize your music such as:

  • Songs you’ve saved to Your Music
  • Songs you’ve added to a playlist
  • Tracks in playlists you follow
  • All of your music
  • A specific playlist

Moreover, after selecting you to wish to sort option, you just need to log in to Spotify and complete the essential credentials part and the tool will thus work wonders and will sort all your music in seconds.

Spotify coming up with some new features for their users

Spotify is always on the gear to launch or come up with some of the convenient or best tools which can speed up the user-centric approach for them to listen to amazing music.

Recently the app came up with audiobooks on its platform, apart from audiobooks there are some convenient tools which the app offers to their users for the best music experience to their consumers.


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