Peiter “Mudge” Zatko Accuses Twitter Of Deceiving Shareholders

Peiter “Mudge” Zatko is ex former security chief of Twitter. He filed a complaint that accuses Twitter of deceiving shareholders and violating the agreement. 

Zatko complains that Twitter lacks security for its users. He filed a complaint of 200 pages with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Twitter recruited Zatko as its security chief in 2020 when Jack Dorsey was the CEO of the company. It was months after the accounts of leading personalities were compromised. 

These leading figures include Barack Obama and Tesla CEO Elon  Musk. Zatko is an experienced and accomplished hacker. 

Twitter’s next CEO Parag Agarwal refused to consider the company’s constant security failings.


Zatko Filed Complaint Against Twitter

Zatko filed a complaint against Twitter with the security and exchange commission and federal trade commission. This complaint consists of 200 pages and is dated July 6.

Zatko is a legend and cyber security expert who accuses misleading federal regulators. Though he was at the organization for a brief period, he witnessed security negligence and ignorance of critical features. 

This is a threat to the National security and privacy of its users. Zatko says that he had to become a whistleblower because his attempts to flag the security lapses with Twitter were ignored.

Peiter "Mudge" Zatko
Peiter “Mudge” Zatko

Zatko says that thousands of laptops have access to twitter’s users’ personal information. They had access enabled for making changes in the functioning of security features.

Zatko also claims that around 5000 employees of Twitter had access to internal software. So, you can understand that they were also able to alter The functioning.

He said that when he was working at Twitter he came up with a number of discoveries of vulnerability. 

Zatko also alleges that half of the company’s data servers run on outdated servers. Which do not support basic security features.

Like I told you earlier it is a long 200 pages complaint that twitter’s ex-security chief filed. It consists of a list of allegations that were obtained by CNN and the Washington Post.

Zatko told the Washington Post that he believes he is fulfilling the obligations to Jack and the users.

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Some significant Accusations of Zatko

Zatko filed a long written complaint to the SEC. Some of the most important reports and accusations he disclosed are-

  • Deceiving FTC: Zatko accuses Twitter of misleading the federal trade commission. 

As he claims, Twitter settled charges with the FTC because it failed to protect users’ private information. 

He claims that Twitter repeatedly made false statements to its users and violated the agreement.

  • Bots miscount: Twitter trial to miss lead its uses and give inappropriate data. It says that less than 5% of its monthly users are bots, fake, or scams. 
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Twitter (Credit: Getty Images)

But Twitter’s way of measuring this figure is misleading. And it gives its employees a bonus to boost user count instead of kicking bots and scams out of the system.

  • Giving Access to Government: Do you know why Twitter is the most significant social media platform? Because it is the best key tool to share information and promote protests.

Zatko claims that the Indian government forced Twitter to hire one of the government agents. This suggests that the government had access to the personal data and information of its users. 

It is a violation of the security policies of the company and the agreement with FTC.


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