Sony Reveals Customizable PS5 DualSense Edge Controller: Should You Buy It Now?

Sony is organizing to inaugurate a unique PS5 controller with a priority on customization. DualSense Edge opens in a modern window and will no doubt draw comparisons with Microsoft’s Xbox Elite controllers.


DualSense Edge has customization options

The DualSense Edge wireless control will give customization choices both to the hardware promptly and through software.

On the hardware side, you’ll be eligible to swap out the stick caps for an option between basic, elevated dome, and low dome caps.

The back buttons are likewise swappable, with half-dome and lever choices, and the stick modules can be restored if you discover they are scraping out from heavy use.

Sony will retail new stick modules singly instead of comprising spares in the box.

DualSense Edge
Credit: Sony

Features of DualSense Edge Controller

On the software side, we can deactivate or remap the buttons, adjust the sensitivity and tweak the trigger travel.


Sony wants gamers to be able to adjust between travel distance and dead zones for different types of games.

DualSense Edge will also allow you to save multiple profiles so you can swap between them when switching games.

A controller can make set-up adjustments using a dedicated Fn button, which allows for profile switching Game/chat volume adjustment

This puts forward the controller profile settings for extra tweaking.

The DualSense Edge is glimpsed as an enhancement of the basic DualSense controller, so it is not forfeiting any of the standard aspects.

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Standard features

It will still include haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, motion controls, and a built-in microphone.

The USB-C cable is braided and uses a connector housing “to lock into the controller” so it can’t easily detach.

Sony also decided to include a storage case which supports recharging while the controller is inside.

Price and Release Date

We don’t have a rate or release date for the DualSense Edge controller still, but Sony notified us it will uncover further “in the months ahead.”

With the PlayStation VR2 launching in early 2023, it will be a surprise if Sony didn’t have this new controller on store shelves before the holiday season kicks off.


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